Initial Dog & Handler Evaluation

Evaluations are critical when deciding the approach to take with solving a dog's problem behaviours or just basic training. Each dog is an individual and each handler is an individual as well. The evaluation helps us develop a successful program for you and your dog.

Sample Evaluation


  • German Shepherd


  • Altered Male Age; 12 to 14months

Physical Appearance

  • Clear eyes
  • Slightly overweight
  • Coat could be sleeker
  • Muscle tone good – could be a little firmer


  • Client reports that:
  • Dog is highly anxious
  • Dog is displaying aggression and an occurrence of bite re-direction to


  • When the dog was taken out of the vehicle i noted a highly anxious animal with no focus – further he was pulling the handler all over with no form to positioning and erratic in his movement . I would also like to mention the dog had a choke chain on him and was choking as he was walking restricting his ability to breathe and with this occurrence the dog pulled harder and was further anxious with a higher adrenaline symptom was observed.
  • We entered the training room and it took a few minutes for the dog to calm down. I asked the male handler to walk the dog and it started off reasonably well and then the pattern began the dog went wherever he wanted and the handler allowed it until the handler decided when to put the dog back in line and then a couple of minutes later the dog went back to his oblivious behavior again. I should mention the handler demeanor was somewhat relaxed with and easy going tone.
  • I asked the female handler to walk the dog and there was slightly the same issue . He started off quiet and then began to block out the handler and do what he wants. When this began i noticed the handler having a slight frustrated tone in her voice and he movements became choppy one second she has some control and then struggles to regain it using he arms, and her walking was as if to follow the dog.
  • I took the dog and worked with him for a short time – he began his oblivious attitude and started to repeat the process. I held the leash firm started to walk in a straight manner inclusive of turn the dog didcalm down and began to pay attention. I handed dog back to the handlers and the same thing occurred.

Dog to Dog Test

  • On the dog to dog test we waited slight and had a discussion about when the dog redirected and bit the female handler. I asked the male handler to hold the dog and max my trained male came into the training room. I asked the handler not to say anything to his dog and let it play. The handler had to be told not to correct the dog a few times. What i did notice is the dog became more agitated as the futile leash correction were used. I also not as the dog heightened his became glazed over and was in complete handler block out.


  • Both handlers have issues with being able to control the dog.
  • With the male handler there is a lax approach and he uses his physical ability to control the dog with letting the dogs do things and then restraining him. This is a repeated pattern.
  • The female handler does get the dog to be controlled, but when the dog uses his strength then you can see where she struggles, not only with her movements but also her tone of voice, which becomes slightly higher pitched and somewhat broken. In both cases this sends mixed signals and creates the heightened sense of the dogs anxiety which leads to his aggression. The tone of the dogs bark is not one of authority but of frustration.


  • I would like to start off with an acknowledgment as to how powerful this dog really is. His character is true to the breed and with my experience this dog is of European descent namely Czech bloodline whom are known for their heightened state and drive.
  • If both handlers can work on being consistent with their leadership positions and presentation and work on getting the dog to know what this position is supposed to be and we clean up the mixed signals with some dog training sessions, then this will be a great dog.
  • In my experience, many owners of dogs that are as powerful as this one do not see this and this is what leads to trouble.
  • I like this dog's temperament and can also see he has unlimited potential, but some handler limitations are currently holding this dog's ability back.
  • This dog needs to have a master to look up to and in many misconceived cases owners seem to think they are providing that for the dog, but they really are not.  
  • The dog's anxiety is the first indicator the re-direction is just how frustrated this dog really is. I have seen it time and time again. If he can get these things cleaned up he will be a great dog if it stays the way it is the conflicted battle the handlers are having will increase.
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  • If you have any question regarding this evaluation please feel free to call me at 647-240-4250 and if you wish to continue call to book a training program and we can set up an appointment. Thanks, Sam